4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Achieving the Contemporary Aesthetic

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Let’s talk about ways to guarantee that your bathroom remodeling results will never go out of style!

Are you looking to completely transform your bathroom this spring? In many cases, renovation projects are meant to follow certain trends or fads. Even so, you can rest easy knowing that we will ensure your bathroom stands the test of time. Let’s talk about ways to guarantee that your bathroom remodeling results will never go out of style! 

Open It All Up 

No one likes small and cramped bathrooms. After all, you’ll just feel like you’ve been squeezed into a cheerless box. But the good news is that prudent bathroom remodeling can change everything. For that reason, we suggest that you open up the entire room. Focus on incorporating straight and clean lines. Infusing the space with an overall sense of serenity can also help you feel better. The first step in pulling this trick off is to choose new vanities, showers, and tubs.  

Stay Away from Excessive Clutter 

Spring cleaning season is here. Get yourself pumped up for it! The contemporary bathroom design discourages the presence of clutter. Elegant drawers and cabinets add to the ambiance while also concealing soaps, lotions, toothbrushes, and extra toilet paper. The walls also hold different visual points of interest – steer clear of artwork or pictures. Instead, experiment with numerous lines, materials, and colors to see which combinations will suit the setting.

Choose Neutral Colors 

It’s funny that we should bring up colors. Each color has a unique energy about it. Ask any interior designer or house painter, and they’ll tell you – brighter, hotter colors are invigorating while cooler, calmer cools are soothing. White, beige, and grey come together to create something that will help you unwind. Plus, adding some greenery will give it an extra exciting pop!  

Emphasize the Minimalist Hardware 

It’s fun to dream up creative themes for your bathroom. Sometimes, though, you might be more inclined to keep it simple. One easy way to do this is by accentuating the minimalist-looking hardware. Faucet and shower-sets can be finished in chrome or in black; there’s still a sense of contrast either way. Your drawer and cabinet hardware should look a certain way – so pick hidden pulls and push latches!

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