4 Quick Ideas to Make Your Bathrooms Safer and More Accessible for Everybody

4 Quick Ideas to Make Your Bathrooms Safer and More Accessible for Everybody

Upgrading your bathroom involves more than just making it look nicer.

Upgrading your bathroom involves more than just making it look nicer. More meaningful changes should be made, especially if you live with someone who has mobility challenges. Besides, slipping and falling can be more than just a painful mishap for everyone. In regards to remodeling or renovating your home’s bathrooms, accommodation is the name of the game! 

Add Some Grab Bars 

One of the best ways to boost overall accessibility is to include grab bars. Now, this advice won’t apply to all bathrooms – like a powder room – but wherever there is a bathtub or shower stall, grab bars are a good thought. We bet you didn’t know that you could upgrade the toilet with one or two, either! Stability matters for all of your housemates, and you’ll find a wide array of lengths, shapes, and finishes to suit your existing decor and fixtures. Height, weight, ability, and the presence of shower seats are the most significant factors you’ll need to account for during the remodeling process.

Adjust the Threshold Height 

Likewise, adjust the threshold height coming into the bathroom. Flush thresholds are another defense against accidental trips and falls. The standard height for walk-in showers is four inches. However, you could also choose low entries, ramped, or zero-level-designs to facilitate getting in and out of the shower.

Install Slip-Resistant Flooring

Slip-resistant flooring is gaining popularity amongst savvy homeowners. Focusing on safety and accessibility is always a good idea. Still, this type of flooring can take that approach up a notch. Smaller and rougher tile is used here; that sounds painful, but we assure you that you will appreciate the extra traction whenever the floor is wet and slippery. 

Switch to Handheld Sprays 

Fixed showerheads are the conventional outlet for dousing yourself in water. That said, walk-in showers are replacing traditional tub/shower combos in many homes in Maryland and across the country. Shower stalls are easier to clean and maintain. Besides, they won’t necessarily need a door. If you want the best of both worlds, invest in handheld shower sprays. By using one of these nifty upgrades, you can aim the water where you want it to rinse off soap and shampoo – and make bath time less of a wrestling match!  

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