Here’s Some Advice for Transforming a Windowless Bathroom!

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We’ve put together this handy guide for renovating your windowless bathroom!

How does your bathroom look? For those who are unhappy with its current configuration, there is a simple solution: bathroom remodeling. It’s easy to assume that such changes only apply to mirrors, sinks, faucets, tubs, and toilets. What if we told you that altering the bathroom doesn’t have to be quite so dramatic? We’ve put together this handy guide for renovating your windowless bathroom!

Work on Whitening the Room

We suggest you begin by contemplating the aesthetic of your bathroom space. Maybe it’s too dark since you can’t let natural light inside. White colors reflect the light that is in the room, though. Don’t fixate on redoing the paint. Smaller white-colored accessories provide a fun-looking pop, too. Chairs, rugs, tiles, fixtures, and bathmats make more of a difference than you might think. 

Give Glass and Lucite a Go 

Alternatively, you could lean into the glass and lucite combination. Consider using polished metal, glass mirrors, and lucite. These materials won’t absorb light, and they’ll contribute to a sense of uniformity even if there isn’t much pizazz. Besides, lucite decreases that nagging feeling of excessive clutter.  

Change the Legs on the Vanity 

Many homeowners tend to overlook bathroom vanities. When it comes to overhauling such spaces, you’ve got to account for every element. Choose an open vanity with longer legs. This arrangement works better when you have an embedded linen closet. That way, you’ll still have an adequate amount of storage. Compact bathrooms, such as half-baths or powder rooms, can benefit from this shakeup in spectacular ways.   

Put in More Mirrors

Even if you don’t have a conventional window installed in your bathroom, there are still some workarounds for that dilemma. For instance, you could look into getting a skylight. That alteration makes the entire process a little more complicated. Even so, it’ll be worth it in the end when you can lounge in your soaking tub and gaze up at the next full moon. If that doesn’t catch your fancy (or it’s not feasible), incorporate multiple mirrors instead. Mirrored toe kicks, closet doors, and even frosted glass panels for shower doors will all add to the vibe without being obnoxious. 

Don’t Hesitate to Lighten Up 

Speaking of moonlight, let’s talk about infusing more light into your new-look bathroom. Vertical light is useful, but it’s not all that attractive. Layering in extra light through wall fixtures and hanging pendant lights can fix that issue.  

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