Upgrading Your Bathroom Through the Incorporation of Walk-In Showers

Upgrading Your Bathroom Through the Incorporation of Walk-In Showers

Even if you are unable to afford a full-scale custom home, you can still upgrade your bathroom. Here’s how.

Home improvement projects fascinate many homeowners. It doesn’t matter how big their house is – something can always be done to make it more comfortable. Custom homes are typically built in this fashion; they are designed to make the owner’s dreams a reality. Even if you are unable to afford a full-scale custom home, you can still upgrade your bathroom. Here’s how. 

Experiment with a Doorless Shower 

One idea is to integrate a doorless shower. You might be wondering how this is different from an ordinary shower curtain around a tub or a shower stall. The room opens up and the overall lighting factor also improves. This design choice also allows you to play up the illusion of more square footage without actually making your bathroom that much larger.  

Focus on Functionality with Built-In Features 

Functionality is also critical – and it’s often one of the most common reasons why homeowners decide to remodel their bathrooms. Built-in features can make any bathroom better. Shelves and benches help make your bathroom more accessible and also increase your storage potential, which can be a boon when you share your bathroom with several other housemates. 

Keep Your Bathtub Intact 

It’s tempting to scrap the bathtub and get rid of it during a renovation project. However, it turns out that you can hang onto it, integrating it with a walk-in shower. Although at first glance, these designs will seem incompatible with one another, you can aim for a wet-room style configuration. The tub and shower can form one section of the bathroom while the sink and toilet can be paired in another sector of the room. 

Make the Bathroom More Luxurious

Lastly, let’s talk about ways to bring more luxury into the space around you. Smaller changes can still give you spectacular results. Put in a new showerhead; elegant options include rainfall showerheads, dual handheld showerheads, and even multiple sprayers. A steam generator can also be attached via professional installation to help turn your bathroom into a sauna and save money by using steam baths instead of traditional showers.     

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