Ensure Your Fire Pit is Protected this Winter

Fire pit in snow

Have you protected your fire pit from the winter elements?

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home, whether it’s added weight on your shingles, dangerously long icicles smashing into your deck or annoying patches of ice on your asphalt driveway. It might not seem like something that could be damaged from winter weather, but your fire pit is no exception. Here are some simple ways to ensure that your fire pit is protected from winter weather this year.

Cover it Up

If you aren’t using your fire pit in the winter months, keep it clean and covered to protect it from winter weather. As snow and freezing rain fall, they can collect in your fire pit. Once they enter the freeze-thaw cycle, your fire pit can get structural damage. Water sitting in your fire pit for long periods of time can also lead to premature rusting. Even worse, pools of standing water with debris in them can give your fire pit a nasty smell that lingers long after winter weather is gone. Just like you protect your grill from rain and weather, do the same thing for your fire pit.

Portable or Gas Fire Pits

If you have a portable fire pit, it can be much easier to take care of when winter weather creeps in. If you can move it on your own, put it under a covered surface like your deck or garage. You can even place your fire pit in your shed if there is space. If you have a gas fire pit, make sure that the gas pipes are completely disconnected. Cover all openings so that humidity can’t gather in the gas lines and cause any damage. These two types of fire pits are very easy to care for during the winter months, and taking these small steps now can help keep your fire pit in great shape for many more years!

Matthews Construction and Design for Your Fire Pit Needs

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