Is It Time to Add a Garage to Your House?

Two-car garage

Adding a garage to your house has many benefits.

For years – long, worrisome years – you’ve kept your car out in the freezing cold in Winter, drenching rains in the Spring and damaging heat in the Summer. You’ve sworn to yourself a hundred times that you’re going to add a garage to your home, but as always, the reasons not to do something are plentiful. You worry about money. You’re averse to change. You tell yourself that braving the elements to get to your car isn’t such a big deal and don’t even allow yourself to think about potential damage to your car.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Adding a garage to your home can be easier and more economical than you think. At Matthews Construction and Design, we are only too happy to work with you to rescue your car from the elements and spare you the hassles of being outside in weather that no human being should have to deal with.

Major Considerations When Planning to Put a Garage on Your House

There are several steps to take when adding a garage. The first, and in many cases biggest, step is to determine whether it’s physically feasible to fit a garage on your lot. Your local planning department can tell you how close you can build to the edges of your property. You should also ask about any special restrictions that apply to garages; some communities require deeper setbacks on sides with doors, for example.

Local rules might also govern driveway design, wall or roof height, and the total amount or percentage of your lot you can cover with impervious surface (roofs and pavement). At Matthews Construction and Design, we know many community rules and will be only too happy to help you in the process.

What Kind of Garage Makes the Most Sense for Your House?

Another big decision is whether to attach the garage to your house or build it as a separate structure. An attached garage usually costs less, and also saves on convenience. You stay dry, save footsteps, and it’s easier to use part of the space as a pantry, mudroom, laundry area, or other extension of your house. If you’re concerned about security, an attached garage lets you tap an opener and drive right in without setting foot outside.

But a detached garage also offers advantages, especially if you add a breezeway connector to shelter against the weather. A separate structure keeps exhaust fumes and the dust and noise of a workshop out of your house.

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At MATTHEWS CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN, we‘re committed to quality and service, and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. When you’re ready for a new home improvement project this spring, we will guide you through the entire process, from tips and ideas for your project, to the actual installation. With countless testimonials and a colorful portfolio of our work, you can trust Matthews Construction and Design to handle your product with the best care in the industry.

Contact us today for your free estimate, or give us a call at (202) 702.3553. For room design that inspires you to relax and play, and impresses you with remarkable style and quality, trust only the professionals!

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