5 Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

Remodel your kitchen with Matthews Construction & Design!
Remodel your kitchen with Matthews Construction & Design!

When you decide that it is time for a kitchen makeover, it is probably because something (or everything) about the kitchen isn’t working for you. Perhaps there isn’t enough storage space or enough counter or prep space. Maybe the layout has you tripping over things every time you cook. Whatever the reason, this type of kitchen remodel project requires more than cosmetic changes. The new kitchen design has to go beyond replacing the cabinets and updating the appliances. Read on for a few really unique design ideas to inspire you as you get started planning.

Open Shelving

The traditional kitchen has cabinets lining most if not all of the walls. These cabinets often appear both above and below the counters. For some people, that just doesn’t work, however. Consider replacing the upper cabinets with open shelving. This could be shelving units that attach to the ceiling or floating shelves attached to the walls. The open look can help make your room feel more airy and free, especially in tight spaces. It can also help with your organization since everyone will be able to clearly see where things go.

Splurge On The Stove

If the biggest and best thing you do in the kitchen is cook, consider splurging on the main item that facilitates that – the stove.  There are countless options of stoves available today: separate cooktops and ovens, additional wall ovens, even industrial size ranges. Don’t limit yourself to something that is easily available in a big-box store or that will fit in the space left by your old oven. If you cook a lot, you might even consider an oversized oven or one that combines both gas and electric utility.

Breakfast Bar By The Door

Breakfast bars are a great way to integrate seating when you don’t have room for, or simply don’t want, a conventional table set up. They take up less room and often allow people who are eating to interact with whoever is cooking. By tucking the breakfast bar over by the door, instead of on the traditional kitchen island, it can do double duty as a landing zone for groceries, bags, and mail.

Mobile Islands

Islands have long been the go-to trend for utilizing open floor space in the middle of the kitchen, but by installing them, you limit flow and efficiency. This isn’t the case if the islands can be moved out of the way. Putting islands on locking casters allows them to be locked in place as needed, and then rolled out of the way when not. 

Lower Cabinet Alternatives

Like the upper cabinets, the lower ones may not be pulling their weight. This is especially true of cabinets that simply fill up with clutter and disorganized junk. Don’t be afraid to swap the cabinets out for alternatives, like more open shelving or even storage baskets or boxes.

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