4 Tips for Maintaining Your Koi Pond This Summer

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Keep your koi fish happy all summer long with a well-maintained pond!

Your koi pond is the heart of your Maryland landscape. The beautifully colored fish and elegantly designed pool create a relaxing environment for family and friends to gather around. As the weather starts to heat up here on the East Coast, ensure that you’re maintaining your koi pond properly. Here are four tips for a beautiful pond and healthy koi.

Remove Debris

If you haven’t yet removed dead foliage from the pond, start today. Your fish are going to need more room to move about as the temperature continues to increase and dead foliage can restrict the space. Clearing the pond of debris also improves the appearance of the water, and allows for fresh plants to grow.

Do Not Overfeed

Feed your fish, but remember not to overfeed. Feed them one to three times a day, and make sure that you’re not feeling them more than they can eat in five minutes. Your fish need a regimented feeding schedule in order to maintain their healthiest weight. 

Install an Air Pump

Air pumps, or additional pumps, allow you to maximize your aeration. Warm water holds less oxygen, but your fish friends use more oxygen in warm water. In order to keep them happy and healthy, make sure you have some sort of aeration running 24/7.


Summer is the best time to relax and enjoy your Maryland landscape. Take a seat near your koi pond, and allow your thoughts to slip away with the bubbling water and other tranquil natural noises. If you need any assistance in the contruction or maintenance of your koi pond, give Matthew’s Construction a call! 

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