4 Tremendous Tips for Maintaining Your Koi Pond This Summer

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Maintaining your koi pond doesn’t need to feel like a huge puzzle.

Maintaining your koi pond doesn’t need to feel like a huge puzzle. It’s much easier than you expect, although it does call for some commitment and effort. The hustle and bustle of ordinary life can get stressful really quickly. As such, you deserve to have a backyard oasis (or one in the front yard just off your driveway, if you like!) where you can unwind and relieve the stress and anxiety that you face. That’s why we’ve put together this sheet of handy tips for making sure your koi pond stays pristine and peaceful all summer long!

Regularly Evaluate the Water Quality 

Monitoring the quality of the water is an essential part of caring for your koi pond. Think about it this way – if you would do it for your swimming pool, why wouldn’t you for any other water features? Acid rain, fish waste, and nutrient-rich runoff can all affect the health of the water. Although they are exceedingly common, you shouldn’t shrug them off. Check the pond water at regular intervals to make sure that your fish are still happy.  

Ensure the Temperature is Correct

Next, verify that the water temperature is comfortable for your colorful friends. Koi are surprisingly hardy and can endure cold weather just fine. When ice forms, they respond by going into hibernation mode. While this task is certainly something to be more worried about as fall and winter approach, it’s still worthwhile to complete, especially if you worry about the pond water getting too hot instead. 

Don’t Overfeed Your Koi! 

Don’t give your koi too much food. While you might do this with good intentions, it is harmful to their health. As you feed them, take a closer look at their physical appearance. That way, you can confirm they aren’t sick or injured. Overfeeding your fish negatively affects water quality. Plus, high ammonia and nitrates in the water can cause fin rot and parasitic infections, among other health problems. 

Maintain All of the Associated Pond Equipment 

It bears repeating that you should maintain the equipment you use for cleaning your pond. Everything from the filtration system to the pumps and skimmers needs to be kept in good condition. Besides, you’ll also need to check on the aeration system and the UV sterilizer to confirm that nothing is malfunctioning.

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