Creative Landscaping: A Few Things To Consider Before Building Your Tranquil Koi Pond


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Koi ponds can add serenity to any backyard landscape. The soothing running water and bubbling koi fish create a peaceful outdoor setting for you and your loved ones. Set up outdoor furniture around it. Eat a candlelit dinner by dark stepping stones, blooming aquatic plants, and a teeming ecosystem. While koi ponds are extremely aesthetically pleasing they are an adventurous investment. There are a few things you should consider about the general layout of your lawn before deciding to install a koi pond. In this week’s blog, we’ll walk you through whether your yard’s capacity is right for such audacious installations.

Don’t Break the Bank

Koi fish can be very expensive. Ranging between $15 for small fish and, depending on their markings and lack of defects, thousands of dollars for the cream of the crop these guys are a big investment. While starting new and stocking your koi pond with some young blood is far more cost efficient, you want to be sure you can substantially afford the fish themselves before making pond construction plans to your property.

Size Matters

Koi fish need space. Especially if you’re investing in the expensive big boys. The minimum recommended size for a koi pond is 1,000 gallons. This means your pond will need to be at lease 6×8 ft with a 3 ft depth. Consider whether or not your backyard has optimal room for a koi pond of this size. If it does great! You might even plan to make it bigger. Remember that the number of fish you decide to have living in your pond will dictate size necessity. The more fish, the bigger your pond will need to be. You are housing an ecosystem here, so neglecting size qualifications will result in some unhappy fish. The minimum koi pond size will house about 5 average-sized koi. Keep this in mind when making measurements.

Ready For An Investment?

Koi can live an excess of 100 years. Make sure you’re going to be staying in the same home for a number of years! Additionally, the depth of your pond must substantial enough to withstand 3 inches of surface ice without freezing your new friends. Needing constant contact between water and air, a bubbler or de-icer can be installed to keep your gorgeous koi alive. Installing a fountain will keep ice from forming as well. If you’re going to invest in a koi pond, you need to keep your yard animal pest free. Koi fish are quite susceptible to predators so installing a fence or netting will keep them safe.

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