The Guide to Winter Koi Pond Care

Learn how to maintain your koi pond all winter long!

With chilly temperatures and unpredictable weather, winter is a tricky season when it comes to taking care of your koi pond. Even though you cannot necessarily enjoy what your koi pond has to offer in the winter months, it is imperative to take special care of your fish during this time. There are a few special areas of concern to consider when taking care of your koi pond in the colder months. Keep reading to make sure you are up to date with all of the issues surrounding winter koi pond care!

Diet and Feeding

When the season change so do the dietary needs of your pond fish. The type of diet and feeding schedule that is sufficient for your fish during the summer and spring time will not work during the fall and winter. This is especially true when it comes to koi. When water temperatures are high in the hotter months, fish need a diet high in protein and need to be fed frequently to encourage growth. When air and water temperatures begin to drop, however, this type of food and schedule is no longer required. In colder temperatures, fish are unable to digest food as quickly as they would at higher temperatures. If there is uneaten and undigested food in your koi pond, it will pollute the pond water and negatively impact fish health.

When water temperatures dip below 60F, you must cut down on feedings and switch to Wheat Germ and Cool Water Food. When the water temperature goes below 40F, stop feeding your fish entirely. Do not feed your fish until water temperatures go above 40F.

Maintain High Oxygen Levels

There are times during the winter in which ice can cover the surface of your pond. If this persists over a number of days, this can pose serious problems for your fish. Without contact between the air and the water, gas exchange cannot happen. If there is a layer of ice on your pond, carbon dioxide can accumulate below the surface and poison your fish. Make sure invest in a de-icer or aeration pump to avoid this in the winter months. It is best to keep an open area in the ice so that you can maintain free gas exchange between the air and the water’s surface. This will ensure that your water quality is high and that your fish remain healthy.

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