Oxygenating Your Koi Pond’s Water Supply


Your Koi Pond’s oxygen maintenance is essential to building a thriving ecosystem.

Those lovely, beautiful koi gracefully swimming around in your new pond are more than just decoration. Building a koi pond is a worthwhile maintenance investment. Koi need oxygen to breathe. Oxygen-rich water allows for effective filtration which helps your prized fish filter water through their gills more easily. Properly oxygenating their water will keep your koi splashing about happily for years.

Signs Your Koi Pond Needs Oxygen

There are number of telltale signs your koi pond is lacking proper oxygenation. Testing the water is a guaranteed way to know the extent of oxygen it needs. However, if your koi are gasping at the water’s surface they aren’t getting enough oxygen from filtering pond water alone. They are oxygen starved, and if you don’t rectify this, they could die. Additionally, if there is a notable foul odor coming from your pond your fish probably aren’t doing well. This is a sign of decaying vegetation and excess fish waste. Oxygen-starved ecosystems will slowly decompose. If there is excess carbon dioxide in the water, algae growth significantly increases. The more algae there is growing on the water surface, the less sunlight penetrates to the pond floor. Less sunlight penetration means less aquatic plant growth which will lower oxygen levels.

How To Keep Your Koi Pond Properly Oxygenated

Testing your pond’s water routinely, and making the necessary oxygen adjustments, will keep your backyard ecosystem thriving. Pond water oxygen parameters are affected by pH, as well, so frequent testing gives you a general idea of it’s status. Aeration techniques need to be implemented to increase oxygen levels. Stimulating water movement with small, cascading waterfalls, bubbling devices, and tiered pond levels that create running streams are great aeration techniques. Moving water comes in more contact with air, so installing an aeration device, or stimulating flow ensures oxygen-richness. Removing waste such as dead plant matter, fallen leaves, and insects with a skimmer prevents decaying material from using your pond’s oxygen supply, as well. Cooler water holds more oxygen than warmer water. So, planting lily pads, or constructing your pond near a tall tree throws it some necessary shade. You also need to adjust oxygen levels based on fish population. With your own man-made ecosystem, your koi are going to breed. One day you might look out your window to see an overwhelming number of new splashing, spotted friends. With more koi present, you’ll need to provide more aeration devices to keep these new faces healthy.

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