Prep Your Koi Pond for Spring in 6 Steps

Photo: Home Improvement Project: Koi Pond
Prepare your koi pond for the changing season with the following tips!

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to get your Koi pond back into shape! There are few things as calming as watching your fish come up to greet you after a winter of rest. To ensure that your koi pond is back in working order for spring, we have a few tips to help you get the unit cleaned up and in great shape.

Clean Up Debris

Over winter there can be quite a collection of sludge and debris that accumulates. From leaves and sticks to a buildup of a decaying sludge matter – the first step is to ensure that all of this is removed and disposed of. As organic matter decays, it becomes the perfect food for algae which can cause a lot of problems for your pond.

Start The Filtration System

Begin by setting up your waterfall box by adding the mats and biological media. Next, get your skimmer box in order by ensuring the nets and mats are in place.  

Install Your Skimmer or Pond Pump

Once the water temperature has hit at least 45º it’s time to install the skimmer or pond pump. Once installed, this unit will help oxygenate and circulate the water to ensure that everything is clean and healthy for your koi. Aerators are another great option if you want to ensure that oxygen levels are high.

Add Beneficial Bacteria

When the water has reached 50º, it’s time to add back your beneficial bacteria! These help jump-start the biological filtration and help to keep the entire pond clean and healthy. Once you have these in you will want to refresh and replenish them throughout the summer.

Put Plants Around the Pond

If you have hardy plants that were moved to the bottom of the pond for overwintering, now is the time to move them back out to their normal positions. When you begin to see new growth on your pond plants, you’ll know it’s time to fertilize.

Change Out The Water

Last but not least, changing out your pond water is one of the final steps to spring koi pond maintenance. In general, it’s best to only swap out 50% of your water at a time, mainly if you’ll be using chlorinated water. You can swap out 75%, but this can put the health of your koi at risk. If you are using city water or water that has chlorine, you’ll need to add a treatment to remove it.

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