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While you’re planting your garden and planning your landscape additions, think ahead to the summer. Do the oppressive heat, glaring sun, and annoying bugs of summer drive you into the more comfortable, air-conditioned interior of your home? The addition of a screened-in porch could provide the perfect in-between place for rest and relaxation. Screened-in porches have tons of great benefits that make them a terrific investment.

Extended Living Space

Patios and decks are lovely in mild weather, but often go unused in the full heat of summer. A screened-in porch offers functional living space that is more outdoors than your house, and more indoors than your yard. When the sun or rain beats down on your patio, your screened-in porch provides shade or cover from it. You can add to the usable space of your house and bridge the indoors to the outdoors.

Safe From Bugs

Another reason people don’t use their deck or patio as much as they’d like is due to bugs. Bees, wasps, flies, mosquitos – you name it, this area has it, and they can be so annoying. They buzz and bite, land on your food, and just generally are a bother. With a screened-in porch, they can’t get to you. This less-than-great part of the great outdoors stays put outdoors.

Improved Privacy

While the mesh screen is not totally opaque, it does provide a bit more privacy. The screen makes it harder to see what’s happening on the porch without really, obviously staring, especially from a distance. If you’re looking for more privacy, either from overly friendly neighbors or random passers-by, without having to go all the way inside, a screened-in porch could be the perfect solution.

Year-Round Use

A screened-in porch is usable for a much longer period of time than a patio or deck because the roof and sides provide shelter. With some small additions, like a wood burning stove or outdoor fireplace, it can even be usable in the winter. Since all of the furniture is covered, you won’t have to worry about packing it up to protect it from the ice and snow either. It already is protected.

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