Learn More About Screened Porch Ceilings

Learn More About Screened Porch Ceilings

Here are some of the important things you’ll want to know when it comes to screened porch ceilings.

There is a lot that ultimately goes into customizing your screened porch. In fact, having specific styles and designs in mind can easily help you make your screened porch the perfect one yet. Here are some of the important things you’ll want to know when it comes to screened porch ceilings.

Matching Isn’t A Necessity

When it comes to your screened porch roof, the reality is, it doesn’t have to match your porchline. This allows you more options when choosing the roof for your screened porch. The outdoor ceiling — not the screened porch one — determines the ceiling shape but it doesn’t have to. For many, the more height they can add to their screened porch, the better. But, lower, more flat ceilings tend to be preferred for those trying to get a more traditional aesthetic in their home

Different Type Of Porch Ceiling Designs

There are so many different screened porch ceiling designs to choose from. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, let’s see what options are really out there for you.


  • Vaulted barrel beadboard: this type of ceiling will ultimately provide homeowners with a wonderful rustic feel. Simultaneously, these types of ceilings can work really well for homeowners who get a lot of natural light. In fact, these types of screened porch ceilings add refinement to any home — with a nice touch of wood — using the beadboard is a creative way.
  • Flat stained beadboard: These types of roof can really serve a wonderful purpose for homeowners looking to take advantage of recessed lighting. These types of roofs are a great way to get the recessed lighting into your home. 
  • Exposed beam cathedral: This is a favorite screened porch roof for many homeowners. Depending on the roofline, it may benefit homeowners to actually have the screened porch roof follow the general roofline as well. It tends to provide a really nice line with the exposed beams. 


Bottom Line

At the end of the day, finding the right screened porch ceiling can be difficult. But, there are ample ways to truly find the best way to integrate your screened porch with your general home as well. 

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