4 Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Maryland Home in 2019

It's time to add a sunroom to your Maryland home!
It’s time to add a sunroom to your Maryland home!

If the chill, gray days of winter have you longing for some relaxing time in the sun, consider this. You could be soaking up the rays, as low angle as they are, from the comfort of your enclosed sunroom. If you’re looking for a home improvement project to help you take on 2019, there are many reasons to consider building a sunroom or enclosing a patio and creating a sunroom.

Home Value

A sunroom will add value to your home because it is an additional living space. Any increases in square footage will likely increase value, but the sunroom almost always does. Many home buyers look for this kind of connection between indoor and outdoor living. If you’re considering it, get estimates not just on cost but on how much a professionally finished sunroom would increase your property value.

Utility Savings

There’s a potential that a new sunroom could also help lower your electrical bill. The sunroom will be lit by the sun for a large part of the day, so you won’t really need to be lighting the house if you’re out there. Plus if you move most of your hobby or family activities to the sunroom, you can turn off the lights in those other areas.

Natural Light

We are exposed to a lot of artificial light these days, not just because of the shorter days of winter but because we spend a lot of time indoors for both work and leisure. But our bodies actually need and react positively to sunshine. Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight can help with issues like seasonal affective disorder, and it is how we make vitamin D. Regular sun exposure can also help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and help strengthen your immune system. This is why you’re sometimes struck by the urge to curl up in the sun streaming in the window in winter. A sunroom gives you a place to always take that much-needed sun break. The warmth of the sun makes the relaxation even better.

Additional Space

Adding a sunroom also adds additional living space for many different uses. Turn the sunroom into a playroom for your kids or grandkids, and store their toys out there. This gives them a warm, comfortable place to play and lets you repurpose their old playroom into a more elegant, adult-focused living space. Alternatively, make the sunroom your entertaining destination and host parties out there. You can add whatever feature you want to your perfect sunroom, even a fireplace, and make it your ideal relaxation destination.

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