Porticoes Are A Great Compliment To Your Home’s Architecture


A portico can give your home an air of class.

The exterior of your home sets the stage for a great first impression! If you’ve got chipped paint, crumbling concrete walkways, and an uneven entrance staircase, you’re not going to give off the best one. Maintaining your home’s exterior is important, especially if you live in a neighborhood. The homeowner’s association often sets uniform standards for homes in certain residential areas. Keep up with the Jones’ and avoid major, costly remodeling necessities you’ll have to abide by once your neighbors notice those exterior inconsistencies. Take the time today to make the face of your home flawless by adding an elegant portico entranceway.

What Are Porticoes?

Porticoes are covered entranceways that provide shelter to the front porch of your home. If expertly installed, your portico can really compliment your home’s architecture. Your home renovation contractor will suggest a specific portico design that speaks to your roofline, columns, and siding. With a variety of different styles, they can be applied to all residences, no matter the unique shape and size. From modern flair to Victorian elegance, find the portico entranceway that’s best for you!

Protect Your Guests From Inclement Weather

A nice portico will protect your guests from wind, rain, snow and sweltering sunlight while they stand at your front door. You’ll want a cozy nook to guard your friends from the elements. In the Maryland and D.C. area, our weather patterns are extremely unpredictable. Have you ever been walking down our D.C. streets in perfectly sunny weather when all of a sudden a heavy rainstorm hits? If you’re a local, you’re all too familiar with this. Harmful and unpredictable weather patterns add wear and tear to your entranceway. After a few months, your door’s once bright color pattern will fade from the sun, and paint will start to chip. Protect your front door and make your friends and family feel at home with a portico entranceway that’s unique to your home.

Create A Relaxing Outdoor Living Space

Your covered entranceway can be designed to fit comfortable outdoor furniture, rocking front porch chairs, or even a shaded table for dining outside! Looking for a quiet space to unwind after a hectic work week? Creating a covered spot outdoors is key to managing your stress! Porticoes will shade you from the sun during the upcoming dog days so you’ll always have a wonderful spot to hang outside and enjoy the breeze.

Matthews Construction & Design – Your Source for Incredible Porticoes

When you’re ready to add a portico to your DC or Montgomery County home, we are here to help.

At MATTHEW’S CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN, we are committed to quality and service and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We will guide you through the entire process, from tips and ideas for your project to the actual installation. With countless testimonials and a colorful portfolio of our work, you can trust Matthew’s Construction and Design to handle your product with the best care in the industry.

Contact us today for your free estimate, or give us a call at (202) 702.3553. For room design that inspires you to relax and play, and impresses you with remarkable style and quality, trust only the professionals.

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