Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Home for Guests!

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Even though your home doesn’t need to look like a museum, you still want it to look presentable.

Last year around this time, the pandemic ruined any possible celebrations for Thanksgiving and its related occasions. But even though the pandemic isn’t in full retreat quite yet, it is safer to get together. And more importantly, if you’re planning on having friends, family, or relatives stay over for the weekend, there are some important things you’ll need to take care of first. 

Concentrate on Boosting Your Curb Appeal 

First off, focus on making your curb appeal look as fantastic as possible. Remove any clutter or trash that could be an eyesore. Yes, the clutter includes fallen leaves and tree limbs or patches of weeds. Switch out the old, fading doormat for a newer one. Polish the door’s hardware (including its knocker, if you have one) until you can see your reflection in them. Add potted plants and play up the exterior lighting as needed. Motion-activated lights (especially over the garage and driveway) are great investments as well.

Get Everything As Clean As Possible 

The next step is to deep clean your entire house. Besides, a clean home is more comfortable and helps make you feel cozy – too much clutter and disorder can stress you out. Don’t subject yourself to that kind of entropy. Dust as energetically as you can. Even though your home doesn’t need to look like a museum, you still want it to look presentable. Sweeping and vacuuming go a long way towards meeting your goal. Change out the litter box and wash your dog toys too!

Make Sure the Guest Bathroom Looks Great 

Clean bathrooms make a great impression. Even if your guests have been to your home before, you still owe them a nice-looking bathroom. Scrub down the tub, the sink, and the toilet. Don’t forget about the shower, the sink, the countertops, and the mirrors.  Empty the trash. Then, conceal hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and loofahs. After that, wash towels and hang them up. New bottles of shampoo, a full box of tissues, and some gentle lotion take the bathroom to the next level.   

Triple Check All of Your Home’s Fundamental Systems

The so-called “home systems” inside your house are vital, and if something goes wrong, it might be too difficult for you to fix on your own. For instance, check the toilet to ensure the flush works and that the drains aren’t slow. Fix leaky sink faucets and lubricate door hinges. 

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