5 Things to Think About As You Make Your Fireplace Look Brand New

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A fantastic-looking fireplace isn’t hard to achieve.

Fireplaces are popular choices for making an indoor room feel classier. As the nights grow cooler, you might be looking forward to starting up yours. Even if you have an outdoor fireplace, there are ways to give them some fabulous upgrades. A fantastic-looking fireplace isn’t hard to achieve. Take some of our advice to get you started! 

Changing Around the Materials 

Remodeling any aspect of your home calls for a fraction of creativity. In this case, moving the fireplace might not be the most feasible option. That means you’re going to have to rethink what you wanted to do. We suggest swapping out some of the existing materials and replacing them with something similar. The fireplace surround cannot have anything flammable around it. Flouting this guideline invites the risk of a house fire. You can read more about the recommended materials down below.

Heat-Resistant Paint Can Accentuate Brick Texturing

Lovers of the exposed brick aesthetic probably want to leave their fireplaces unaltered. Eventually, paradigm shifts in relevant room design principles could turn the fireplace into something tacky and outdated. One way to overcome this issue is to go in for heat-resistant paints. These paints have been formulated for use in areas that get really hot really fast. Deeper and darker colors such as navy blue and black are lovely and unexpected touches. 

Select a Stone Veneer Instead 

In some cases, you might want to do away with the brick facade altogether. That’s why it could be worth it to choose a stone veneer in its place. Stone pairs well with wood-burning fireplaces since it is a natural buffer against fire damage. River rocks and slate stones each give off a distinct vibe. They will serve different looks depending on the other materials you use alongside them.   

Give Tile a Second Glance 

Tile represents another intriguing idea for breathing new life into your fireplace. There is a reason the phrase “hearth and home” resonates with people so much. In addition, various sizes, designs, and textures are widely available. Turn your living room into a low-key art gallery by experimenting with different combinations of patterns, tones, and pops. 

Maybe You Don’t Need a Mantel! 

Have you been thinking about jazzing up the adjacent accent wall? In that case, it might become a case of visual overload. What do we mean by that? Perhaps you could remove the mantel and mantelpiece altogether!  

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