Garage and Home Exterior Design Trends for 2021

Garage and Home Exterior Design Trends for 2021

The garage is often taken for granted. That said, not all homes are equipped with one; meanwhile, other houses could accommodate a three-car garage.

The garage is often taken for granted. That said, not all homes are equipped with one; meanwhile, other houses could accommodate a three-car garage. You always want your garage and your home’s exterior to look as great as possible. Then there is the matter of what’s trendy – although 2020 is winding down, there’s still time to prepare for what comes next in 2021!

Ideas for the Garage 

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself has to do with the structure of the garage itself. Attached garages are a brilliant idea for you if you prefer staying out of the rain and the cold during the chilly fall and winter months. The garage can also be built to be detached; one reason to choose an attached garage is that you can use a mudroom as a buffer zone between the outside world and your home. 

The Way of the Window 

Home exteriors contribute to your overall curb appeal. The reason curb appeal is so important is because you can impress your neighbors and increase your house’s resale value. Adding more windows lets in more natural light, and it helps modernize your home if the last time you remodeled was about a decade ago. 

A Pop of White Paint 

Painting your home is a quick and inexpensive way to refresh the look of your home and its garage or carport configuration. That’s why a pop of white paint is eye-catching especially when no one else in your neighborhood embraces this trend. Wood accents can also create even more aesthetically pleasing effects. 

Perfecting the Pergola Design 

Spending more time outside is a wonderful way to whittle away the days and weeks as the weather turns colder. Taking long walks through the woods, picking pumpkins, and sitting around a fire pit are all fun activities, but just imagine how much better a bonfire is when you have the best pergola on the block shielding you from the wind. 

Putting High Contrast to Good Use 

You might wonder what high contrast has to do with the exterior of your home. Use this technique to spotlight garage doors, windows, and paneling. Blending different colors together is another fabulous way to follow upcoming trends in the new year.  

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