Popular Garage Trends of 2018

Popular Garage Trends of 2018

Time to update your garage!

While you may be thinking about your garage as an unimportant part of the home, an updated garage is a unique way to have a better functional space while increasing your home’s value. Garages are often overlooked when a home is being updated, so if your home is older a garage update may be just what your home needs. In 2018 we’re seeing more and more homeowners take note of their lackluster garage and making some necessary updates. Many of the trends we’ve noticed follow what we’ve noticed in other areas of the home; decluttering, adding technology, and updating key features.

Clear Away The Clutter

One of the biggest trends throughout the design world is to find ways to minimize clutter. For garages, this means unique and effective storage options that keep clutter off the floor while still readily accessible. Overhead storage racks and PVC Slatwall panels are two of the leading trends, as both keep items organized yet visible.

Bring In Technology

Home technology is on the rise and garage’s are one area where there is plenty of room for improvement. Wireless security cameras, smart thermostats, and garage door technology are all interesting avenues to update your technology. You may also want to look into updated smoke detectors and fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and lighting. If your garage hasn’t been updated recently all of these items might be past due for upgrading.

Update The Flooring

Concrete garage floors are so passé. Moving to a polyaspartic coating will give your cracked, outdated, and stained concrete garage floor a run for its money. Not only do polyaspartic coated floors look better, but they are more functional as well. With higher durability, better abrasion and impact resistance, higher resistance to road salt and chemicals, and a quick application time polyaspartic is hard to beat.

Modern Garage Doors

The most obvious way to update your garage is with modern doors. Not only is this the most straightforward of the bunch, but it’s the quickest way to boost your curb appeal. Since they take up a significant amount of your home’s exterior, updating to a more modern, appealing option can be quite useful.

Get Started On A Garage Update Today

Want to start working on your garage update? Matthews Construction and Design is here to help. Whether you want a full renovation or just need help fitting a new door, the experienced team at Matthews construction can fulfill all your garage dreams. Call us for a quote at 202-702-3553 or visit us online. For tips, design inspiration, and to see examples of our work, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, and Google+.

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