10 Ideas for Designing the Perfect Gazebo

10 Ideas for Designing the Perfect Gazebo

That’s where a gazebo comes into play. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of ideas for what to do next.

Summer is here, and you know what means! It’s time for more outdoor living. For that to happen, you’re going to need more outdoor living space. That’s where a gazebo comes into play. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of ideas for what to do next

1. Mediterranean 

Try building a gazebo made from redwood and extra-large posts. The redwood matters because it’s incredibly durable and resists damage from pesky insects. 

2. Furnished 

Another idea is to go all out and make it fully furnished. This way, it can be an extension of your home. Put in a dining table, a fire pit, a kitchen, a bar, and some beautiful lighting. 

3. Lily Pond 

If you have a lily pond in your yard, then adding a gazebo near it provides you with a gorgeous view. This makes a fantastic place for a photo shoot or an outdoor wedding held in your backyard. 

4. Modern Style 

Then again, you could choose a modern style gazebo. What exactly does this mean? It uses steel-engineered posts and shade sails to keep the hot sun off of your head. 

5. A Teahouse 

Do you love tea? Then you’ll enjoy this gazebo design. Consider one built from timber and equipped with lattice and removable screens. 

6. By the Pool 

If you have a pool in your backyard, then a gazebo is a must-have. You can have a fire pit here since it has an open design and the roof will let the smoke drift out. 

7. Asian Inspired

You can also have a pavilion that looks like it’s floating on your pond, complete with koi fish, waterfalls, stones, and water plants. 

8. Ironwork and Climbing Vines 

Impress your neighbors with a gazebo that’s made of iron decorated with climbing vines to make it more visually appealing.

9. Pool Reflection 

As we mentioned above, a pool gazebo can do more than host a fire pit. You can also have a changing room and a bathroom right there so that you don’t have to interrupt the fun to run back inside the house.  

10. Getting Fancy 

You might think of adding a gazebo to your home as a do-it-yourself project. That’s the case, sometimes, but when you want something more elaborate and upscale, then you will need professional expertise. Consider if you will a gazebo equipped with colorful lights and a waterfall curtain. Then pair it up with other touches to take it to the next level: a TV and a wine refrigerator, and an outdoor kitchen can spice it up. 

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