Help The Planet With Water-Conscious Green Landscaping


Help the planet with environmentally friendly landscaping techniques!

The use of hardscapes and hardy plants in your landscaping projects keeps runoff to a minimum. Using the right design and leafy friends is the creative solution to wasting less water. Water-conscious, green landscaping requires less maintenance, reduces a need for harmful chemical-rich fertilizers, increases your property value, reduces pollution, and creates a new ecosystem for wildlife. This week, we’ll show you how to make your landscaping projects green with a few helpful additions.

Hardscaping And Water Conservation

A hardscaped section is an area where gravel, wood or mulch is used to minimize water use. Other materials such as concrete and asphalt do not allow water to penetrate the soil, and instead, cause large amounts of runoff. Runoff is extremely detrimental to the environment. Increased water flow causes erosion which causes sediment levels to rise in our rivers and streams. Sediment-rich water harms ecosystems by blocking sunlight from penetrating the riverbed. Plants do not grow in sediment-rich water, and aquatic life balance is thrown off! Protect our ecosystems with hardscaping. Conserve water and avoid systems of erosion which deplete our planet’s resources.

Select Plants Carefully

Drought-resistant, native plants are the best ones to use in water-conscious, green landscaping. You’ll also want to use plants that are right for the type of ecosystem you’re creating. For example, if you’re constructing a marshy, wet area with a tasteful, bubbling fountain, use native wetland plants. Use soaker hoses and drip irrigation to water them, as they carry moisture directly to your plants without watering other areas. Weed around plants as necessary. Mulch keeps invasive weeds from growing, so be sure to lay it on thick. Choose your plants wisely with water conservation in mind. Make sure they speak to your landscaping project’s style. 

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