Maintaining Hardscape Features During the Winter

Maintaining Hardscape Features During the Winter

In order to do this, you must be sure to take proper care of it, especially in the harsh winter months. Here are some tips for maintaining your hardscape this winter.

Remodeling your property is a big investment. For that money, you want to get the longest life out of your stairs, balconies, decks, or whatever else you may have built to enhance the look of your home exterior. In order to do this, you must be sure to take proper care of it, especially in the harsh winter months. Here are some tips for maintaining your hardscape this winter.

Clear Away the Snow

Keeping your driveway and walkways clear of snow is really important in extending the life of them. If you do not clear the snow, the water can melt into the small cracks in your pavement, which can, in turn, make the cracks larger and more visible. It is also important to clear the snow as soon as you can even if it snows often in your area. Waiting until after all of the snow accumulates gives it more time to melt into the cracks and also just makes it more difficult to shovel. Also, when shoveling the snow, steer away from metal shovels as they can potentially crack your pavement.

De-Ice Every Day

Along with ridding of the snow, clearing the ice off of your walkways and driveways allows them to last longer. Ice is not only dangerous for you to walk across, but it can also chip and crack your hardscape if you do not remove it. Ice can also form from the excess water dripping from your roof. To prevent this excess water from freezing onto your hardscape, take some time to point your gutter in a direction that doesn’t face it. 

Fix the Cracks

Winter is a good time to fix the cracks in your hardscape because it will prevent snow and ice from melting inside of them. This will also ensure that by the springtime, your pavement and bricks will look great. It also keeps them stronger so that they will be in better shape for the next winter season.

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