4 Crucial Considerations Before Starting a Home Addition

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Home improvement and home addition projects can be complex endeavors.

Home improvement and home addition projects can be complex endeavors. That’s why a vast amount of research and careful planning is needed to ensure ultimate success. Home additions give you more space to live and entertain while also counting as remodeling and renovation undertakings.

What Are Your Motivations?

Before beginning your journey, sit down and be honest with yourself. List out the reasons you want to initiate this process in the first place. It’s bound to be expensive, messy, and time-consuming. The tradeoffs for these inconveniences manifest as more space and additional square footage. That said, you’ll need to divide and assign the gains you receive. Functionality and intention of use will weigh heavily on your decisions.  

Dealing with Permits and Restrictions 

Any change associated with your home could be subject to various rules and regulations. For instance, the HOA might have something to say about your potential impact on the neighborhood’s aesthetic and property values. Likewise, you’re obligated to consult with your county authorities to determine which permits you must acquire and file before any work can begin.

How You’ll Handle the Budget

Financial constraints can cause delays and supply shortages. Securing the funding for remodeling your home in any way is no sure thing. It doesn’t matter whether you are replacing the windows or adding a guest house by the backyard’s swimming pool. Home equity lines of credit can be a huge boon. Even so, prepare yourself for the fact that your bank or lending institution could modify the terms and conditions of your mortgage payments accordingly. Other considerations such as heating and cooling, property taxes, and general upkeep continue to apply even after contractors and architects step aside.

Costs Associated with Extension

Extending the dimensions of your house isn’t going to come cheap, either. Suppose your major change involves laying down new foundations. This scenario will drive the costs up. Plumbing systems and utility lines, if needed, will inflate the amount of money you’re on the hook for. Ballooning electric bills and HVAC unit retrofits could contribute to the feeling of sticker shock too! 

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