The professional team at Matthews Construction and Design can construct the perfect garage for your home and seamlessly blend it to mesh with your home’s current architecture. We can design and build a wide range of sizes and styles of garages that are sure to suit your every want and need. Owner and president Brian Matthews has over 48 years of construction and remodeling experience, helping homeowners in Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland.

How Much Garage Space Do You Need?

Deciding on the size of your garage an important aspect in planning the construction of your new addition. When considering how much space you will need, many factors come into play and we ensure that all of the boxes are checked. The number of vehicles that you plan to park in the garage combined with the size of each car will drastically change the layout of the space. We take into account the types of vehicles that you plan to park in the space because two trucks wouldn’t fit in a two-car garage the same as two hatchbacks. Another factor that comes into play when designing your new garage is the extra space that you want to allot for various activities. Maybe you simply need extra space for all of your boxes filled with holiday decorations that don’t seem to fit in the house or you’d like an additional room for that gym you always wanted. At Matthews Construction and Design, we build one, two and three-car garages with or without added space for whatever you need.

Garage Design – More than Just a Space for Cars

When putting extra space into a garage there are many factors that contribute to the design. If the additional area will be used for a workshop or office, there are structural and electrical features that our team at Matthews Construction and Design will include, so your creative space is ready to be utilized immediately after construction. If you dream of having a workshop, we will install more accessible outlets which allow you to utilize more machinery at the same time. An office space is a more enjoyable atmosphere when it’s filled with natural light, so skylights and additional windows are worked into the structure. If your garage is designed with additional space to be used solely for storage, we will determine if it’s best to install a climate control function because various items can be ruined in extreme temperatures. Each garage is custom built with the materials of your choice according to what best compliments your current home.

We take pride knowing that our work will your family’s needs, as we’ve done for homeowners in Washington, D.C, Takoma Park, Rockville and all of Montgomery County for more than 43 years. Contact us today to discuss your garage project.

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