A portico is a fancy word that simply means a covered entranceway. No matter how simple the definition, its ability to transform the front of a building or home is astounding. If the roof and columns are built well and work with your existing architecture, the added dimension of a portico will grab the attention of anyone passing by. They are a decorative addition to your home, but are also very useful when guests are waiting at the door and it’s raining or the sun is hot. With the unpredictable weather in Washington, D.C. and Montgomery, Maryland, having coverage over your front door will come in handy more times than you or your guests would imagine.

We take your current roofline and any ideas you may have into consideration in order to create an elegant new face to your home. We also have the option to expand off of the base of a portico. With a more involved remodeling project, we can create a miniature addition to your home that’s a perfect place for storing shoes or organizing sports gear, which prevents dirt and smells from entering the house. On the other hand, if the portico we design is simply a large step, we can still drastically improve the curb appeal of your home by adding a small dormer and lighting to your doorway.

Portico Styles

Porticoes follow a very simple framework structure, but it can be applied to any house no matter the architecture or era and elegantly highlight the entranceway. From modern to classical to extravagantly Victorian, for every architectural style there is a portico to match. Whenever possible at Matthews Construction and Design, we like to match the material found on your home, such as wood or stone, and duplicate the dips and lines of your roof so everything flows together.

The majority of ornate doorways use columns or pillars to create a structurally sound addition while also framing the entrance. Choosing the correct columns is a difficult task because you don’t want them to overpower everything, just emphasize. Door size dictates the size of the columns as well. Homes with elegant and massive doorways are best accompanied by structures with multiple columns and flat roofs, creating a balcony, and leaving second floor windows unblocked. It’s possible to give your portico even more character by using a roofing material that strays from your main roof as an accent throughout the structure.

We think of every detail when designing and building your portico. For more than 48 years Matthews Construction and Design has delivered detailed excellence and earned the trust of customers in Washington, D.C, Chevy Chase, Germantown and all of Montgomery County. Contact us for a consultation today.

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