For over 48 years, Matthews Construction and Design has been creating eye-catching, custom-built sunrooms designed for yearlong enjoyment. Throughout Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland, our elegant additions increase property value, while also providing homeowners with a space to feel the warmth of summer the sun or to cozy up during snow’s first dusting. Our sunrooms embrace the use of natural light and bring the outdoors to you 365 days of the year.

We understand everyone has different visions about how they’ll use their sunroom and how it will look as they watch the seasons pass. That’s why we custom build all of our sunroom additions, decks and screened porches. Owner and president Brian Matthews believes that the secret to success is listening to our customers and finding out exactly what they have in mind. The unmatched quality of our work, and our belief in constant communication with our clients, have helped us earn an A rating on Angie’s List.

Sunroom Design

Our architectural designs range from extravagant structures with ornate skylights to practical extensions of current living spaces and everything in between. One popular type of sunroom, called a conservatory, are enclosures that act as greenhouses, with their walls being primarily glass and serve as ideal places to nurture a green thumb. Perhaps you want a comfortable space to enjoy a morning coffee or a naturally lit area perfect for entertaining. We customize each sunroom using homeowners’ specific preferences to seamlessly blend the architecture of their current home and make the new addition look as if it was always there.

Whether the walls of the sunroom are primarily glass or have insulated walls, we take into account the location of the sunroom and how it will interact with the sun. All of our additions can be placed on separate thermostats to better regulate the temperature, but nature still plays a part in the planning. If the section of the house receiving the addition faces south, it will get heat from the sun, making shade a factor worth considering. If the room faces north, it will be colder in the winter, which makes insulation an important factor.

The amount of glass used in the design plays a large part in the heating and cooling of the space, but also affects the type of floor, ceiling and how the remaining walls are constructed. If the space is intended for plants, then it is best to have a concrete floor to ensure proper drainage. If the architecture is designed to be heavy with windows but intended for living, having a concrete floor would create a cold, uncomfortable atmosphere. Skylights can be installed to increase airflow throughout the room depending on the requests of the homeowner.

At Matthews Construction and Design, we are proud of the detail we put into our sunrooms, and our satisfied customers throughout Washington, D.C, Bethesda, Kensington, and all of Montgomery County. Contact us to schedule a consultation for a custom designed sunroom with us today.

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