3 Landscaping Suggestions for Getting Around Your Garden

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Gardening is a fun way to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. It’s also a nifty way to work on your landscaping skills, too!

Gardening is a fun way to get some fresh air and sunshine. It’s also a great way to pick up a new skill when you’re looking for a hobby to start when your old ones lose their appeal. Of course, there’s more effort involved than grabbing some gardening tools and a thick set of work gloves. Paths and walkways are an essential part of any garden landscape. How can you make them easier to walk across? Come and find out!

Putting Down Ground Covers

One way to ensure your garden thrives is to protect the soil. Soil erosion can affect the roots of the trees, plants, and shrubs you use to beautify your landscape. The garden beds are just as vulnerable. Use wood chips or other mulches spread between the beds and rows to prevent this nightmare scenario from developing. You could also use grass cover in place of mulch. But when you do this, you’ll also need to commit to a regular mowing schedule – and preparing yourself to fight with those pesky weeds!  

Adding Plants to High-Traffic Zones 

Spending time in your garden every day can clear your head. But what do you do if your kids want to help? And what if your pets like to wander through and nibble everything that you’re cultivating? In that case, you’ll need to add more plants to the walkways near zones of high foot traffic. Stepping stones and gapped pavers make a huge difference; choose some low-growing plants that can withstand that kind of stress. Creeping thyme, dichondra, isotoma, speedwell, chamomile, mints, and Irish moss are all intriguing options that we think you’ll adore!

Using Living Plants for Low-Traffic Zones

You could also deploy living plants to help carpet and shelter low-traffic areas as well. In this case, you might not even need the pavers. Freely experiment with clovers and chamomiles; it all comes down to how often you visit that section of the garden. Besides, it could give you another reason to tend to that zone more frequently and prevent wild overgrowth that could spoil the beauty of the charming aesthetic you’re creating!

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