3 Ways to Winterize Your Yard and Gardens

3 Ways to Winterize Your Yard and Gardens

While we still have plenty of the autumn season left to enjoy, now is an excellent time to start winterizing your yard and gardens.

November is officially here, and with it comes the early chill of winter. While we still have plenty of the autumn season left to enjoy, now is an excellent time to start winterizing your yard and gardens. Discover how you can get started and call Matthews Construction & Design for landscaping assistance! 

Tend to Your Lawn 

The steps you take now can ensure that your lawn is strong enough to endure the harsh winter conditions. Start by removing the large weeds and debris that accumulated during the early fall. Have a soil test done to check the ph of your lawn. You may need to apply lime or sulfur to your lawn, depending on its acidity or alkaline levels. If you haven’t already, apply fertilizer to your grass to promote root growth during the late fall and early winter. 

When it comes to raking the leaves, there is no right or wrong way to complete the task. Remove leaves with a rake or leaf blower, whichever you prefer. You may also use your lawnmower to mow the leaves into shredded garden mulch! 

Fall Garden Maintenance 

After you harvest the fall fruits and flowers, tending to your garden becomes extremely important. First, remove large portions of decaying plant matter from the garden to reduce the chance of plant disease. Second, use a small garden tiller to rototill the soil. Rototilling reduces the number of weeds in vegetable gardens and promotes healthy growth come spring! Lastly, apply a thick layer of mulch to your garden bed to protect the soil from extremely low temperatures. 

Check on Trees and Shrubs 

If you have recently planted trees, continue to water them according to their weekly needs. Consider applying a thick layer of mulch and protecting young trees with shelters or other safety materials. While it’s important to water trees and shrubs now, the maintenance steps you take throughout the summer and fall can also assist in the winterization process. Once the ground freezes, stop watering your trees and shrubs until winter breaks. 

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