How Your Home’s Property Lines Affect Your Landscaping

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So, how do your property lines impact the landscaping work you attempt to do?

When was the last time you took a closer look at your trees? Unless they are directly within the boundaries of your yard, they’re only on the fringes of your property. The problem is that trees can present sticky wickets when you’re feuding with your neighbors. That dispute could be due to incorrect fence placement or something else that neither side can agree on. So, how do your property lines impact the landscaping work you attempt to do?

Who Owns the Trees? 

The first question that could become a dilemma is the one we posed above. When you’re unsure exactly where your property’s boundaries are, that adds to the complexity of what seems like a simple issue, it’s a good idea to schedule a land survey before doing anything like planting new trees or adding a fence to protect your garden. Surveyors can also determine if you and your neighbors both technically own a share of the tree. In that case, you would have to work it out between yourselves who does what to look after the trees. 

Stray Branches Cause Tension 

Along with making sure your landscape looks pretty, you’ve got to maintain the areas directly around the knot of trees that concern you. After all, stray branches can cause tension, making your relationship with neighbors (and honestly, anyone walking by) particularly difficult. Branches could stretch over the line to your neighbor’s side. If that’s the case, they’re entitled and perfectly justified in doing something about it. There are common-sense limits to how far they can prune, though. If they decide that this is how they’ll be hostile towards you, at that point, the blame falls squarely on them. That’s because when their overzealous behavior leads to the tree getting sick or even dying, they are on the hook for replacing it!

Dealing with Broken Tree Limbs

While overhanging branches can be annoying, broken tree limbs are potentially dangerous. Strong enough winds can snap the limbs in half or yank them to the ground altogether. Clearing up fallen trees and damaged branches is one landscaping task you should be the most vigilant about because when you’re neglectful, you can be found at fault for it. 

Picking Up the Fallen Leaves

Fall is the season of the rake. It’s time to pick up your yard care tools and make those leaf piles that are always so much fun to dive into – and you can offer to rake your neighbor’s yard if you’re feeling amenable! 

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