Taking Care of Your Koi Pond (Summer Edition)

Take a look at this season’s summer koi pond care edition.

Take a look at this season’s summer koi pond care edition.

Living in Maryland offers a variety of benefits for homeowners and pets alike. However, the seasonal aspects of life on the east coast can sometimes become a burden, if you don’t know how to prepare. Luckily we’ve compiled a short koi pond care tutorial for every fickle Maryland temperature. Take a look at this season’s summer edition.

Fertilizing Plants

During the spring, it’s important to fertilize each plant and place at appropriate depths. Your plants play a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem of your koi pond, so their health is extremely vital. During the summertime, ensure that you continue to fertilize your plants in monthly or bi-weekly increments.

Maintain the Pond

As plants age, their leaves will become discolored. When they begin to turn yellow or brown, it’s best to cut them off to reduce debris buildup in the pond. Your fish cannot swim freely when the pond is full of rotting leaves and other debris, so cleaning the pond is an important aspect of maintaining it.

Do Not Overfeed

Feeding your fish the appropriate amount of food is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, thriving koi pond. Feed your fish well, but do not overfeed them. Overfeeding constitutes as feeding more than the fish will eat in five minutes. Limit your feedings to one to three times a day to ensure healthy koi.

Take Advantage of an Air Pump

The temperature of the water is warmer during the summer months, which means that it holds less oxygen. You can aerate your pond by using an air pump or an additional form of pump throughout the season.

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