4 Surprising but Ingenious Ideas for Laundry Room Placement

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Figuring out where to put the laundry room can be tricky.

Figuring out where to put the laundry room can be tricky. Even though there are multiple conventional locations, you don’t have to follow suit. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ideas for where the laundry room should go. Do you have a laundry chute built into your home’s upper level? Then the room might be found in the basement. Where else? Let’s find out!

Down in the Basement 

This is, of course, the most obvious location for the laundry machines. Out in the midwest regions, this is where you will find the place where you can wash and dry your clothes. But out here on the east coast, that isn’t always the case. That’s because of the fact that not every home has a basement.  

Tucked Away by the Bedrooms

The solution for homes without a basement? Put the LR up by where the bedrooms are. Think about it – makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? After all, this area of the house is where the dirty clothes and sodden towels tend to pile up. Besides, lugging laundry back and forth gets even easier. That said, you’ll need to consider the noise level and its position relative to the bedrooms themselves. Moreover, consider where the bedrooms are – the main suite might be on the ground floor, so that’ll put a crimp in your plans. 

Set Up in a Hallway 

So let’s say that placing the room upstairs or downstairs isn’t feasible. In that case, plant it in a hallway that won’t impede foot traffic. Either way, it’ll still be relatively easy to access. The principles of universal design could even call for it. How accessible is your home? That’s the big question in play here. The washers and dryers can be bulky appliances, so hiding them somewhere inconspicuous is a decent idea. Be aware, however, that you might not have enough room for a folding station, a deep sink, and a handy place to keep the hampers and baskets when they’re not in use. 

Arranged in the Kitchen 

Kitchens are already full of functional appliances. By that logic, setting up a spot to do laundry doesn’t seem possible. That said, it can be clever since water lines are already in place. Then, you’ll have cabinets to store laundry essentials and a countertop to make folding easier!

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