How to Host a Socially-Distanced Party Around Your Outdoor Kitchen This Spring

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You may be wondering – how can you throw a backyard party around your outdoor kitchen this spring without being careless?

As more COVID-19 vaccines are administered, parties and other gatherings are coming back into vogue. The vaccine offers an astounding amount of protection against the virus. Even so, the prudence of social distancing measures and following mask mandates is undeniable. You may be wondering – how can you throw a backyard party around your outdoor kitchen this spring without being careless? Let us tell you!

Organizing the Party Itself 

Your backyard should be the venue for the party. That way, you can minimize contact with other people who may be more vulnerable to infection. Shorter guest lists are the smartest way to have a get-together as safely as possible. Picnic blankets, lawn chairs, throw pillows, and even sleeping bags make great alternatives to conventional tables and chairs. That way, everyone can spread out and then go back to the outdoor kitchen when they want more food or drinks. 

Make Sure Everyone Wears Masks 

This piece of advice is perhaps the single most important one we can give you. Masks have proven themselves to be convenient ways to reduce the likelihood of transmission. Disposable surgical masks and vinyl gloves aren’t silly or unnecessary – they can make a huge difference. Plus, you can include fabric masks as party favors!  

Step Up the Sanitization Safety Measures 

Proper sanitization keeps everyone safe. Keep in mind that liquid hand sanitizer could irritate your guests’ allergies, which is a definite concern. Supply sanitizing wipes so everyone can clean their hands before they eat. Liquid soap and paper towels minimize the risk of germs lingering on doorknobs or handles; be sure to have plenty on hand around the outdoor kitchen and by the bathrooms inside the house, as well. 

Activities to Do on the Deck or Patio

Considering all of these precautions, you might be at a loss for what to do. Movie nights are a fantastic way to spend quality time together, especially with the wide variety of streaming services available these days. Meanwhile, art parties, talented entertainers, and karaoke contests ensure the event remains lively. Multiplayer games – both old-school and new-school – are also fabulous ideas for observing reasonable social distancing guidelines!  

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