4 Home Improvement Tasks to Complete Before Winter

Winter is coming. Is your home prepared?

Winter is coming. Is your home prepared?

Thanksgiving is looming large on the horizon, and it’s time to jump full-swing into the holiday season. Oh, you’re not quite ready? That’s okay, but the time to get ready is now. Here’s a quick to-do list of tasks you should take on this weekend to get your home ready before winter is truly here.

Fix Plumbing Issues Early

The holiday crunch is upon us, but if you’re having plumbing issues, you should get them addressed as soon as you can.  A full house of holiday guests will put more pressure on your plumbing system, and a slow drain or a stuck garbage disposal could become a big problem.

Check Your Sump Pump

The rains and early snows of the late-fall to winter season can saturate the ground and lead to flooding. If there’s a sump pump in your basement to protect you from flooding, make sure it is working well before this happens. Get it serviced, or replaced if needed, so you don’t end up with a basement disaster.

Seal Up Holes Outside

As it continues to get colder, mice and other creatures will be driven to the warmth of your home Take time to inspect the exterior of your house and garage for any holes big enough for a mouse to squeeze through and seal them up. Remember that mice can squeeze themselves through very small openings. If you have any exterior vents, cover them with hardware cloth to prevent creatures from climbing in. Finally, attach door sweeps to the bottoms of exterior doors, so nothing sneaks in underneath.

Stock Up On Winter Goods

Having a snow that was more than a few flurries before Thanksgiving always makes us question if winter is going to be even worse than usual this year. Take the time now to stock up on the stuff you need to battle the snow. Start with a good shovel and ice scrappers: check that yours are in good working order and replace them if needed. If you also use a snow blower, have it serviced and make sure you have fuel on hand. Make sure each of your cars has a fully stocked emergency roadside kit and a blanket. If you use a fireplace or a wood stove, make sure you have enough firewood and if not order more. If you have an emergency generator, review the safety procedures and get it serviced if necessary.

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