5 Reasons to Buy a Fire Pit This Summer

It's not summer without an outdoor firepit!

It’s not summer without an outdoor firepit!

Nothing says summer fun in Maryland like a crackling fire and the warm, gooey marshmallow happiness of a S’more. You don’t have to wait for a camping trip to live this reality, however, if you invest in a fire pit for your backyard.

Great For Large and Small Groups

Whether you want to host a large gathering of friends, snuggle up with your spouse or family, or simply sit alone for quiet reflection, a fire pit provides the perfect focal point. People are drawn to the dance of flames and like to congregate around the light and warmth provided by fire pits at outdoor parties.

Available in Multiple Sizes, Fuel Options, and Price Points

Fire pits come in many varieties and there is something for every aesthetic. You can have your fire pit custom made to match your style, or opt for a DIY option. You can keep it simple with a small bowl for wood burning, or create an ornate space with stone countertops and built-in seating. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of building a wood fire (and extinguishing it when you’re done), you can choose a gas option, with an easy on/off switch just like your grill.

Ideal For Outdoor Cooking 

Don’t be limited to your grill when you want to cook outside. You can cook over your wood fire pit just like you would over a campfire: with a grill rack, in foil packets, or even on sticks. S’mores, anyone? However, cooking over a gas fire pit is not recommended.  

Increase Your Home’s Value

Fire Pits are a popular addition to backyard living spaces. If you might sell your home in the future, having a beautiful, well-maintained fire pit may increase your home’s value and buyer interest. It is an easy addition to make that can have a huge impact down the line.

A Versatile Backyard Feature

During the summer, your fire pit can be the focal point of starlit evenings roasting marshmallows and grilling dinner. In the cooler weather of Maryland’s spring and autumn, your fire pit can help your guests stay cozy even when your party spills outdoors. Even in the winter, you can wrap up in a blanket and sit by the warm fire as you drink cocoa and hope for snow. Whatever weather Maryland offers, your fire pit will deliver cozy, fun relaxation.

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