5 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Party on the Patio

Discover how to throw the perfect outdoor party this summer.
Discover how to throw the perfect outdoor party this summer.

There is nothing like summer to bring out the party host in almost everyone. When the air is hot and the grill is going, a backyard barbecue on a beautiful patio is the perfect place to be. If you’re looking to host a summer shindig this season, you may be thinking of ways to spruce up the patio. Here are some tips to move you in the right direction. 


Food, décor, and guest list are important, but one of the biggest things to keep in mind when planning a party is that you need to have enough seating.  This doesn’t mean you need to stock up on folding chairs. If you’re thinking about redesigning elements of your yard, consider incorporating low walls where people could perch. These walls could be out in the landscape or incorporated into or around the patio. Of course, having comfortable patio furniture is also nice for a party.


Landscape lighting is a vital part of any party because without it the party ends when the sun goes down. Certain parts of your patio really have to be lit for safety, such as the stairs, pathways, and poolside surrounds. You should also have floodlights so that you can illuminate the whole yard if needed, even if you don’t keep them on all the time. Finally, consider decorative lighting accents as well, like a fire pit or tiki torches or uplighting on trees. 


When it is party time, having the chef out there in the mix is a great idea. This means that the person doing the cooking gets to mingle, but it also gives the guests a chance to watch the cooking action. If your patio features a well-equipped outdoor kitchen, rather than just a grill, that means no one will be stuck in the kitchen inside.


Consider adding a pergola or shade structure to your deck that will give people a chance to escape the hot sun. One that will also shelters people from rain storms would be a great idea too, especially the cook.  If nothing else, adding trees to your landscaping will provide shade so that the blazing sun doesn’t send your guests running back inside.


If you have the space and budget, consider adding some interesting attractions to your yard. This could be as complex as a new pool or as simple as an outdoor movie screen and projector. Think about the things you would like to have for your guests to see and use and then think of how they can fit in your outdoor space.

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