Gazebos & Pergolas

An inviting escape that enhances the atmosphere of any landscape, gazebos and pergolas provide you and your family or guests shade during any time of day. Pergolas are made of columns that don’t obstruct the view, and support rows of rafters that allow in sunlight. Gazebos are freestanding, open-walled structures just like pergolas with a roof that keeps out the elements.

Matthews Construction and Design has created gazebos and pergolas throughout Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland that become the centerpiece of our customer’s landscape design.

Gazebo Styles

We can build gazebos to match the color, texture, and material of your current home. We also determine the size based on what it will be underneath. If it’s solely seating or an outdoor living space it will be more compact compared to a gazebo designed for an outdoor kitchen or bathhouse.

The most popular style gazebo, and octagon gazebo, is an eight-sided structure. It fits well with the existing architecture of most homes. The oval-shaped gazebo is similar to the octagon, but with its longer sides it gives you more space. This allows you to include more seating which gives you the ability to accommodate more guests. A rectangle gazebo can create an ideal space to house certain features, like a bathhouse or hot tub.

Pergola Styles

The materials used in building your pergola will be based off of the style and surrounding landscape. We offer a wide range of pergola architecture so you and your family can choose the best design that best suits all of your needs.

The traditional post and bracket style is the most commonly associated when the word pergola is mentioned. Its flat roof is supported by posts and stabilized by brackets with arches on either side. This design seamlessly blends with most gardens.

Classic column pergolas are a more classically-designed garden structure. They incorporate round Tuscan columns for vertical support and work with most existing architecture. The columns are widely spaced which allows for more room for activities underneath.

Sometimes there is an area that needs to be connected by a structure. With a rooftop and terrace pergola, an overhead structure can link an indoor living area to an outdoor kitchen while offering an easy transition.

These are the most requested styles of gazebos and pergolas by our customers in Washington, D.C, Takoma Park, Germantown and all of Montgomery County. We always look forward to exploring new ideas and using new materials. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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