How to Decorate Your Deck Naturally

Spring is here, and it’s time to make sure your deck is ready for outdoor parties and more. When it comes to making your deck an enjoyable, relaxing, and beautiful place you need to take a few steps to make sure it’s at its best. Once you’ve completed your routine maintenance and spring clean, adding plants is a great way to make your space your own. Greenery helps to merge the lines of deck and landscape while making the area feel more put together, relaxing, and beautiful.

Add Variety

One of the first steps to creating a beautiful arrangement of flowers is to use the artistic technique of variety; mix planter sizes, along with plant shapes, textures, and colors to create a dynamic visual. This variety can help keep the eye moving from one plant to another making your deck feel more extensive and more vibrant.

Choosing Plants  

When picking your plants, you have a massive variety to work with. For a low maintenance setting, using native plants and succulents can offer a wide range. Succulents can be moved indoors over winter while most native plants will be perennials that return year after year. You might also try creating a floral color palette to match furniture and deck accessories. Or, you might try gardening for usefulness, by sticking with a mix of herbs and edible flowers like nasturtiums.

Add Privacy

If you’re looking to make your space a little more secluded without the hassle of adding an entire fence, planters can be a great option. Taller plants like mid-sized evergreens will offer full and effective coverage year after year. Some other shrubs, like hibiscus, may need to be replaced but make for a beautiful choice.

Bring In Pollinators

Attracting pollinators is an excellent step to improving the biodiversity in your environment! Some flowers are better for bees and butterflies than others. Just be sure that if you are looking for these friendly critters, your plants aren’t treated with pesticides or harmful chemicals like neonicotinoids.  

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