Koi Ponds

Matthews Construction and Design has mastered the technique of adding life to any landscape with custom-built Koi ponds. Through methods such as planting additional plants or installing a waterfall or digging out a pond, we guarantee to transform your landscape into the elegant oasis of your dreams. For over 48 years, Matthews Construction and Design has designed and installed quality landscape elements for homeowners throughout Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland

Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are a tranquil addition that add a unique twist to any environment. When installing a pond, koi fish add a natural movement to the space that’s certain to impress all onlookers. The biggest challenge when designing a Koi pond is figuring out the best way to seamlessly integrate the pond into the desired environment. The specialists at Matthews Construction and Design know how to spot the perfect location for a pond and can enhance its natural look by weaving just the right amount of garden vegetation throughout.

Caring for Koi fish can be difficult if the pond is not properly configured from the beginning. We take all preventative measures to ensure that the fish are prospering and comfortable. Proper installation of the pond liner and determining how deep the pond should be according to the climate are essential factors. These safety measures start with the installment of a mechanical filter to circulate and pump oxygen into the water. Algae are another threat to the wellbeing of Koi fish. While planting barley straw is an easy solution for “pond scum” in goldfish ponds, the same method cannot be applied to a Koi fishpond. A chemical inhibitor must be used to kill algae around Koi because they are too curious and will dig up most plants.

Why Koi Fish?

Koi fish are a Japanese carp that come in an array of eye-catching colors. They are believed to live anywhere from 50 to 200 years, making their longevity one reason for their popularity. They are also notoriously intelligent due to their ability to remember the people who feed them and bring themselves to the surface, allowing onlookers the chance to pet them. This quality, combined with their resilient ability to withstand extremely cold winters and hot summers, make koi an easy fish to keep that quickly become pets to whoever frequents their pond.

At Matthews Construction and Design, we believe in listening to our clients and communicating throughout the entire construction process. We’ve earned the trust of countless clients in Washington, D.C, College Park, Bethesda and all of Montgomery County. Contact us and let’s discuss your vision for a koi pond.

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