Landscape Design

Matthews Construction and Design has been making our customers’ landscape dreams into a reality all around Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland, for over four decades. We focus on outdoor living, custom paving and stone work, landscape-enhancing lighting, water features such as fountains or waterfalls. By drawing upon over 48 years of experience in landscape design we are able to create a layout that fits with your needs while not obstructing the natural lay of the land.

The most important part of landscape design is deciphering what you and your family needs. We take into account your ideas for the space and match them with the style of your home. We then try to assess you and your family’s personality and create a theme for the new design and architecture of your landscape. We take pride in helping you design a visually stunning landscape that provides a space for kids and pets to frolic that also doubles as open area ideal for hosting gatherings. Having a detailed plan in action will help everyone involved stay focused and working towards the same end results. Owner and president Brian Matthews is consistently involved from start to finish. We make sure that both your vision and our skills are joined to produce an aesthetically pleasing design that is practical and functional for all of you and your family’s needs.

Landscape Design Styles

While there are some landscape design styles that are more popular, the most important factor in choosing a design style should be the architecture of the home that it’s surrounding. We will discuss your vision for the landscape, and help you understand how different elements will affect the overall look. Some popular designs to get your mind working are:

  • The formal garden style relies on a symmetrical style with straight lines and shapes. The plants are arranged in an orderly fashion and should be pruned regularly to keep the clean cut look intact.
  • A more “organic” looking style of landscape design, such as a cottage garden style, gives a more natural feel, and has less rigid lines and organization.
  • Mediterranean-style landscape design is one of the most popular themes all over the world. The atmosphere can be created with the plants found locally, or more exotic varieties. Tuscan is a popular example of a Mediterranean-style landscape.
  • Water-conscious “green” landscape design requires less maintenance and conserves water through the use of hardscapes and hardy plants. Popular in arid regions like Arizona and New Mexico, but rapidly expanding in Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

These styles are a small portion of the landscaping designs that we create for clients in Washington, D.C, College Park, Kensington and all of Montgomery County. At Matthews Construction and Design, we’re inspired by your imagination. Contact us today to schedule a landscape design consultation.

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