Preparing Your Deck for Spring

Discover how you can prepare your outdoor spaces for the changing seasons.
Learn how to prepare your deck for spring!

As the cold, harsh winter weather melts away, you’ll finally be able to enjoy your outdoor living spaces again. Make sure you’re giving your landscaping and deck some proper TLC this spring to make sure it’s looking its best and well-maintained throughout the year. After all, the time for spring cleaning is just about here. Why stop at maintaining the interior of your Maryland home? By prepping your outdoor living space for the warm season ahead, you can get the most out of your deck, patio, garden, and more. Here are some tips for preparing your deck for spring this year.

Give Your Deck a Thorough Cleaning

Before you can start enjoying your deck this spring, it’s important to clean it thoroughly. By cleaning up winter buildup and debris like leaves and branches, you can powerwash your deck to prevent any mold growth. This will help keep your deck looking like new for the upcoming season and even help you identify early signs of rotting, warping, or other damage that may require maintenance. Be sure to clean your grill, planters, or other outdoor decor as well.

Air Out Your Outdoor Furniture

Whether you have upholstered patio furniture, umbrellas, awnings, or even hammocks in your outdoor living space, make sure they’re aired out before putting them back to use this spring. Winter storage can leave a musty smell, but cleaning an airing out your outdoor furniture can get rid of dust and help extend the life of your decor. Some types of outdoor furniture will require more thorough cleaning than others, but most can be washed with a simple spray bottle of water and a gentle sponge.

Update Your Decor

In addition to cleaning or airing out your outdoor furniture, try livening up your deck this spring with updated decor. A colorful new umbrella, stunning new hanging plants, or a statement lounge chair can make a big difference in the look of your deck. Try adding accent pillows and flowers that fit your home’s style or bring on-trend colors into your outdoor space.

Freshen Up Your Landscaping

A great way to make sure your deck is ready for spring is by freshening up the surrounding landscape. Liven up your garden with some new, colorful plants, and add some fresh mulch to your landscaping. By adding some fresh life to your outdoor space, you can ensure your deck is prepared for the transitioning seasons and bring a bright, springtime feeling to your yard.

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