Scenic Walkways & Sidewalks

It’s important for you to present your home with its best face forward. The sidewalk in front of your home or the walkway leading to it creates a first impression. Matthews Construction and Design has been installing, replacing and repairing scenic walkways and sidewalks for the Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland area for more than 48 years. Whether you’re looking to repair an existing sidewalk or design a new scenic walkway to enhance your landscape design, we can deliver quality results that are built to last.

Sidewalk Repair and Replacement

Cracks or bulges from weather or roots are not only eyesores, but are also accidents waiting to happen. Those pesky ledges in sidewalks that trip you up are easily repairable. Weather has a large impact on the wear and tear of your sidewalk. We have lived and worked in this area long enough to know the conditions and have mastered the ability to patch sidewalks to ensure their lasting longevity. In some instances, repairing certain sections isn’t worth your time or money. If the sidewalk as a whole begins to deteriorate, we have the skill and experience to replace the entire area. At Matthews Construction and Design, we take the time to perfectly match our materials to your existing sidewalk making the repair less distracting and harder to detect.

Scenic Walkways

When most homes are first built, design is directed towards the architecture of the structure, not the walkway leading to the front door. Usually they are basic, straight lines made from concrete. We can take your existing walkway and transform it into a creative entrance or pull up the old and replace it with a walkway that compliments your beautiful home. Even though concrete will stand the test of time, we use other materials when appropriate such as bricks or various types of stone.

Along with outfitting the front of your house with a new walkway, we also design beautiful paths for other areas of your yard. Maybe you have a garden that would benefit from having an elegant stone path weaving through or maybe you have an outdoor kitchen and patio that you would like to be connected by a lighted footpath. We welcome any job that allows us to be creative with open arms, but safety comes first when designing and constructing your new walkway. Whether it will connect the driveway to your house or backyard living area, we take the time to carefully align each stone and ensure a flush connection between materials.

The quality of our work and the consistency of our service is a why customers throughout Washington, D.C, Rockville, Gaithersburg, and all of Montgomery County count on us. Contact us to discuss your needs for a sidewalk or scenic walkway.

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