The Functional and Decorative Benefits of Retaining Walls

Discover the many benefits of retaining walls!
Discover the many benefits of retaining walls!

As you dream about how your yard could look this summer, one hardscaping investment that you should consider is a retaining wall. Retaining walls offer functional beauty to any landscape. Discover the many benefits of retaining walls, and learn more from the professionals at Matthews Construction and Design!


Retaining walls can be built from many beautiful materials. Natural stone is a very popular option because of its aesthetic appeal. A beautiful retaining wall can become the centerpiece of your landscaping. The variety of plants that you can plant on the upper level and lower level (and even some that hang over or climb up) to compliment the look of the material is nearly limitless.  Depending on the height of the wall, you could even incorporate it into your koi pond, like a waterfall feature. With the right landscape designer, a retaining wall could be a highlight of the yard rather than an eyesore.

Functional Improvements

The primary reason people add retaining walls to increase the usable, functional space in their yards. If your yard has a slope, you may not be able to use it the way you’d like. Perhaps your picnic table slopes and all the condiment bottles roll off. Or maybe your kids’ swing set doesn’t have enough clearance upslope for them to swing or it leans to the side and they end up swinging into the poles. There are many features of a yard that really do need a flat ground to work correctly. With a retaining wall, you can even out the landscape in your Maryland home into useable areas that can accommodate those elements that require flat surfaces.

Support Systems

Aside from aesthetics and improving the usable space in your yard, retaining walls also improve the safety of your yard. If you have a sloped landscape, you may find that the soil washes away in heavy rain, running down the slope towards your home. Retaining walls help secure the soil so this doesn’t happen. They also help slow the flow of water so that it has more time to drain into the soil rather than running down the hill and potentially into your basement.

Matthews Construction and Design

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