Is My Home Ready for an Interior Repainting?

Refresh your home with an interior paint job!
Refresh your home with an interior paint job!

Adding a new coat of paint to the interior of your home is a quick fix that can make a world of difference. Often, a bland or less than perfect room simply needs a new coat of paint to bring it new life. But how do you know when it’s time to gather up your brushes? While painting is an inexpensive fix compared to many other home projects, it still takes plenty of time and effort, most of us don’t want to paint unless we know it will really help. With that in mind, this week we’re sharing a few of the signs that it’s time to repaint.

The Room is Uninviting 

While there is a time and place for dark colored paint, there are many times when a shade or two too dark can make your entire room feel smaller, less inviting, and even gloomy. If you find that you have a room that fits any of these categories, it may be time to add a new, lighter coat of paint.  

The Color Is Fading

As the sun hits your walls and time takes its effects, you may begin to notice that if you suddenly move furniture or art that an outline is left. Fading is most often caused by sun bleaching and is an entirely natural process. When you begin to notice signs of this, it’s time for a new coat.

The Paint Is Cracking

It does take a long time for the paint to begin to crack, but if you’ve purchased or live in an older building you’ve likely seen just how annoying cracking paint can be. Not only is there a chance that your paint will have lead in it, but the flaking chips are a pain to clean up. If you have cracking paint you will need a few extra steps before you hit the paint roller, so make sure to turn to the professionals for advice.

It’s Been A Long Time

Even if you aren’t yet seeing the signs of fading or cracking, once your home gets older, it’s a good idea to apply a fresh coat of paint every so often. Normal wear and tear, changes in style, and even the effects of mother nature can all take effect leading to the need for a new color.

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