The Best Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Ready to give your living room a fresh coat of paint?

Ready to give your living room a fresh coat of paint?

So you’ve decided to give your living room a fresh coat of paint. Rather than opting for the same shade of eggshell white, mix things up a bit! Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect color for your favorite room.

Start by Experimenting

Pick a small space, preferably the mud room or bathroom, and use it to try out a few of your favorite colors. A color on the palate may appear differently on the walls, so it’s important to test the shades before you commit. Start by selecting your favorite color and choose one or two other colors that spark your interest.

Consider Your Mood

How do you want to feel when you walk into your living room? Do you want it to be a lively place filled with people and loud conversation? Or would you prefer your living room to serve as a relaxing oasis in your household? Your preferred mood will dictate your color choice.

Coordinate with Lighting

The paint color will appear different depending on the light source illuminating it. If your room receives a lot of natural light, the color might appear lighter than you would have desired. LED lamps and fluorescents may also alter the appearance of the paint.

Experiment with Decorative Finishes

Once you’ve painted the room a brand new shade, experiment with decorative finishes. Transform a dull space into a lively room with bronze, copper, and silver accents.

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