What Is a Portico? Time to Find Out!

What Is a Portico? Time to Find Out!

Can we interest you in adding a portico to your house design?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “remodeling?” Most of the time, homeowners everywhere assume it only applies to kitchens or bathrooms. But the thing is, home improvement projects can be more complex than that. Maybe your home’s landscaping is roughed up by harsh winter weather. Alternatively, the front entryway to your home could be exposed to the elements as well. This makes trying to get inside in bad weather extra unpleasant. Can we interest you in adding a portico to your house design?

Gabled Roof 

First off, let’s talk about the gabled roof style of the portico. It is one of the most popular looks and is distinctive by its triangular shape. Think about the aesthetics of your home’s face – the gabled portico is best paired with a gabled roof.  

Upper Rail

Now we can talk about the next type of portico, one which is known as the upper rail model. These porticos are flat and thus can support a balcony. However, sometimes balconies are just for show instead of a platform for you to stand and stare up at the sky admiring the stars. That said, you might also consider installing French doors so you can access your new balcony.

Hip Roof

You might not know what the term “hip roof” means, and that is perfectly fine! In this design, there is a gentle slope on all sides of the portico; so use this style if your home’s roof is also hipped.

Arched Roof

Where are the windows placed along the exterior face of your home? Depending on their configuration, you might find an arched roof portico more than suitable. A half-circle window is a visual anchor for any style of porticoes that follow the curved line that the window above it presents.


Here, a semicircle is used instead of a rectangle. Plus, this design is often completed with a rounded stoop to make your entryway look even classier!


Lastly, let’s take a look at bracket-style porticoes. They are supported by side brackets instead of the columns typically seen in other arrangements. If you don’t have much space around the front end of your house, then this could be the answer!

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