3 Tips for Your Second Story Addition

Are you ready to expand your home?

When you’re ready to expand your home, but you can’t extend out into your property, the answer is to add a second story addition. Adding a second story to your home allows you to gain more space, increase the value of your home, and age in place. Read on to discover how you can make the process of adding a second story addition a success!

Start with the Foundation

It’s possible that the foundation of your home was structured to support a particular amount of weight. During the planning phase of your project, the contractor will examine the foundation of your home to ensure it’s able to manage the excess weight. If the contractor finds that your home is in need of reinforcements, their team will add additional support. 

Partial or Full Addition 

A second story addition doesn’t have to consist of an entire story! Some homeowners prefer to add a partial additional while building up. Before you can choose between a partial or full addition, it’s important to determine how you and your family will use the space. Are you looking to add an extra bedroom to your home for your growing family? Or are you building an in-law suite for your aging parents? Determine your needs and budget before embarking on a second story addition. 

Clean Your House 

Building a second story addition involves raising the roof, which means that you’ll need to clear the attic of any household items. You may have more items in your attic than you remember, so it’s better to plan this task ahead of time. Work with your spouse and family to ensure that items of value are stored away properly. Consider donating older items that you don’t use anymore. Donating items will help you purge clutter from your home! 

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