Home Renovation Hacks: Surprisingly Inexpensive Ways to Alter Your Home

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Completing a home renovation project doesn’t have to break the bank.

Completing a home renovation project doesn’t have to break the bank. Although it looks like a massive undertaking, sometimes an “extreme makeover” isn’t necessary. Inspiration comes from unlikely sources, and occasionally, it could come from conversations with friends and family who have had positive experiences in the past. We’ve compiled a list of hacks that you can follow to save some money as you transform your home! 

Texturize with Some Crown Molding 

Crown molding adds character to your home in understated but noticeable ways. Think about how smaller corners intersect with one another. Do they need some decorative flair? That’s why crown molding is so valuable. Besides, it’s not hard to place them, and they won’t set you back much money – which you could already have stashed away in a rainy day fund! 

Experiment with a Stair Runner 

You’ll want to be careful when selecting a stair runner. If there is anyone in your home with mobility issues, they’ll certainly appreciate your consideration. The runners make your stairs less slippery provide more traction. Even so, they could be a tripping hazard, so don’t pick one that’s too flimsy for the sole reason that it costs less than its more reliable counterparts. 

Hang Up a Lantern by Your Front Entrance 

As the days get shorter, artificial lighting becomes even more important. This advice goes double for anyone walking up to your door on a cloudy day. One simple solution is to find a vintage-looking lantern and hang it by your portico. It adds a touch of curb appeal, and the best part is you might already have one in your attic or your basement. Hang onto it instead of offering it up during your next garage sale.  

Repaint the Cabinets in the Kitchen 

Most remodeling and renovation projects involve the kitchen. One could argue that kitchens are the primary location for home renovation efforts in the first place. Warmer, friendlier, and more vibrant colors rejuvenate your worn-down cabinets. For an extra burst of personality, choose paint colors that evoke the feeling of the fall season!

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