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So if you plan on renovating your home over the next few months, we have some suggestions for you!

Home renovations can help reshape your home. Although this process can happen year-round, warmer weather might inspire you to get even more excited about changing the atmosphere of your home. Or, to put it in less metaphysical terms, transforming your layout and floor plan. So if you plan on renovating your home over the next few months, we have some suggestions for you! 

Here Comes the Sun 

Natural light can have an amazing effect on your mood. Besides, it can infuse your home with a feeling of cheerfulness and energy that can pep you up on a day when you feel particularly exhausted. Any spaces within your home that feel confined or claustrophobic don’t need to be that way anymore – how exciting is that? Replacing old windows or installing new windows via an extensive renovation can make an enormous difference!

Rethink How the Trim Looks 

Homeowners tend to think of renovating their homes in narrow ways. For instance, they might focus on remodeling the kitchen or the bathroom. As impressive as altering the look-and-feel of those rooms are, other details are easy to miss. That’s why we recommend reconsidering the trim work. Get rid of the old trim (and crown molding) and experiment with faux exposed beams. Alternatively, you could swap out the wood spindles in your stairs and try out a different design instead. 

Find Clever Ways to Improve Storage 

More often than not, the real problem that triggers a renovation is the dire lack of storage space. Even if you are meticulous about keeping your home’s surfaces spotless, you might be too overwhelmed by clutter to respond with any vigor or urgency. Spring cleaning can extend into the summer if need be. Built-in storage nooks can help you save money on getting furniture to serve the same general purpose. Adding mudrooms, expanding garages, and making room for extra closets and cupboards can help you diminish the clutter. It’ll make your home a summer hangout spot without being anxious about how your guests will perceive your living arrangements. 

Take Your Deck to the Next Level 

The outside of your home is just as important as what’s on the inside! Soaking up the sunshine is much easier when you’ve got a deck, a patio, or a wraparound porch! Change things up by placing new pavers, replacing rotted wood, and adding durable screens to keep those pesky bugs away! 

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